Have you ever wondered how do to get things done, stay fresh and still manage to sleep for 8 hours at night? Sounds too good to be true, right?  

Mark Kelsey, Global Executive and grandfather to seven, joins us on the SYD Life podcast and lets us in on his daily routine, tips for efficiency and how to rest well.  

Whether you’re a morning or night person, working from home, the office or the airport, Mark encourages us to implement smalls habits to “take a hold of the day, instead of the day getting a hold of me.” Simple hacks like creating the optimal sleep environment, to drinking enough water, to balancing your calendar, may seem small but can have a large impact. 

He shares how his day starts at 5:30am for quiet, meditative prayer with a coffee in hand, before getting in some exercise and a protein shake. But he also recognises that each of us go through different seasons in life, saying, “You don’t have to follow what I do, it’s the principle of it, not the specific practice.” 

On practicing rest and creating margin in our lives, Mark says “…I think you need to fight for it, and protect your space and time off, and not feel bad about creating boundaries around that.” 

He also encourages us to find a healthy daily distraction, such as reading a book for 10 minutes, surfing or going for a walk – something that ignites your soul. He says “Find a hobby, find something that you love. Because those passions are healthy distractions.” 

If you’re wanting to stay refreshed, increase your productivity and enjoy life no matter what season you may find yourself in, tune into this episode for some practical steps you can take today.

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