Next Step is all about growing you and your journey in Christ. Learn more about who we are and the vision of C3 Church, growing in God, discovering who you are and how to live a purposeful life! We're passionate about helping you take steps in your relationship with Christ. Whether you're a new Christian, or have been walking this road a long while - there is always a step we can take to go further!



1. Make C3 Home

Hear about our story, our vision as a church and our heart for you.

Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to make C3 home.

2. Make A Difference

Identify how you are called to make a difference in the church, community and marketplace.

Learn about the opportunities available to use your God-given gifts in a team at C3 Church


Learn the fundamentals of Christian Faith.

Foundations is a series of short videos that unpacks what we believe as Christians, and how we live as followers of Jesus. This class helps to answer common questions for people who are new to faith, like “Who am I? Who is God? How do I connect with God and his church?” 

Foundations is designed to be done in community, and so these classes are best done through connect groups across C3 SYD. In those connect groups, you will have a safe and supportive environment to discuss the content and ask questions. 

If you'd like to start your Foundations journey, please click the link below to register!

Growing Your Devotional Life

A devotional life is simply a daily practice of praying and reading the bible - of communing with God. We want to take the pressure off and let you know that it is not about how much time you spend each day doing this but that you make it a part of your daily routine.

Finding the right rhythm for you is essential. A devotional life will look a little different for everybody. We want to help you take this step and establish a consistent routine for spending time with God. It is the foundation of your spiritual growth! Check out some recommended resources below, as well as our helpful video and digital booklet on Growing Your Devotional Life.


YouVersion: C3 SYD Campaign Devotionals

Download YouVersion App

Find C3 SYD Campaign Devotionals by searching “c3 syd”


Bible Project: Reading Plans

Trash Your Bible (TYB): Bible Plans & Devotionals 


24-7 Prayer: Lectio 365 Prayer App

Download Lectio 365 App


What is givng? Giving is an expression of thankfulness and obedience to God. It comes from a heart of worship recognising that all we have is from God and belongs to God. We are called to take care of what God has given us and use it for his kingdom. We love being part of a community of faith and helping to resource the mission to reach the people of Sydney.


If you're new to giving, you might be asking what is giving, why do we give and how?  We have a 3 part video series here to help you and answer your questions!  Plus, you can check out our digital giving booklet below.

If you're ready to take your step in giving, head to our giving page through the link below.

Identify Your Gifts

Identifying your gifts is the process of recognising the unique abilities and wiring given to you by God.

All gifts and people have a unique purpose in the Body of Christ, and the church is at it's best when every person is operating in the giftings and wirings given to them by God.  To help you identify your gifts, we have a few resources for you!

Check out this video with Ps Alex Lee, read our digital booklet and take the spiritual gifts test to see what your gifts might be!

These will serve as a guide, helping you to identify your gifts.

Ready to see what your gifts might be?  Use the button below to take the test!


Water Baptisms

Water Baptism is a symbol of a spiritual reality - that Jesus has died for our sins, and in Him we are a new creation. We can let go of our old selves, and step into the new that God has given us. Water Baptism is a public declaration that we say YES to our new life in Christ!

Check out this video below from Ps Alex Lee to find out more about what water baptism is and why it might be a great next step for you!

We hold baptism Sundays throughout the year. Sign up below if you'd like to get baptised.

you're invited

 Got someone you'd like to invite to our services?  

Not quite sure how to invite them? 

We want to make it easy for you to explain to your friends, colleagues, family members and neighbours about what it's like to come to a service at C3 SYD.

C3 SYD Internship

A one year leadership training program, receiving a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology embedded in a C3 SYD Location.

we look forward to seeing you soon!