C3 SYD Internship

A one year leadership training program, receiving a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology embedded in a C3 SYD Location.

What does it involve?

You will be deeply embedded in your location context for Leadership Training. Internship runs on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, from 9.00am – 5.00pm + Sundays.

You will be studying for a Certificate IV Ministry and Theology, with facilitated discussion groups at the C3 SYD Hubs. You will attend our C3 SYD Staff Prayer Meeting, start every day spending time with God, and you will have the opportunity to join in our C3 SYD Staff Chapel experience along with the rest of our team.

Who is it for?

Internship is for anyone in C3 SYD that wants to take their next step into leadership and discover their purpose. For the person who is passionate about our local church and wants to be involved in building something bigger than themselves – while being developed in their leadership skills and gift mix.

Will I still get a qualification?

Absolutely! C3 SYD’s Internship includes a government-accredited teaching of a Certificate IV Christian Ministry and Theology (10742NAT). This is delivered in an online study format, supplemented by in-person guided facilitation groups with other C3 SYD interns.

We believe this provides a richer learning experience for online students to study in a group environment with the support of our church.

How is Internship different from being on team?

As an intern you will get to be part of decision making, learning how to set culture and team leadership. You will be in the C3 SYD Leadership Training Program.

Are there any fees?

The cost is $3000 for C3 SYD members.

For overseas students, the cost is $5000 AUD + Application Fee and Overseas Student Fee.

How do I apply?

Use this link to complete the application form:  APPLY HERE

Have your pastor submit the Pastoral Reference form:  REFERENCE HERE

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