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Alex & Jessen Lee


Alex & Jessen have been serving as Location Pastors of C3 SYD Silverwater for the past 2 years as well as our Youth & Young Adults Pastors for the last 10 years. Alex has also been serving on our Executive leadership team for over 2 years.

Together they have seen significant health and growth, helping people come to Know Jesus, Find community and Discover their purpose. They have been responsible for raising many of our future leaders who are now positioned in key leadership roles across C3 SYD. 

Alex is a dynamic and gifted preacher, and actively uses his giftings of faith, prophecy and healing to empower the local church. He is prolific in developing, activating and releasing leaders to not only build the Local church but to lead in all spheres of life. Alex embodies a pastor’s heart, with a great respect and love for people. 

Jessen operates in a strong pastoral and prophetic gifting. She communicates with wisdom & speaks prophetically in her ministry. She is a gifted developer of people, helping them to see who they are and what they can do to serve God and to serve others. Jessen’s gifting in the creative space gives her the ability to develop fellow creatives to build the local church and bring excellence into the house of God. 

Alex & Jessen’s ministry is marked by the leading and moving of the Holy Spirit, the service of others, discipline & a heart for community. With their love for Life and Jesus they never fail to bring joy, life and healing to whomever they encounter.

Phil and Chris Pringle

Phil and Chris Pringle are the Founders and Senior Pastors of the C3 Global movement. They are parents to Rebekah, Daniel and Joseph, and grandparents to Finn, Sonny, Rooney Bea, Goldie Jean, and Charlie.

Ps Phil is passionate about building faith-filled, anointed churches that are motivated to reach the lost and make disciples. His leadership empowers local churches to thrive in their community through functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit and feeding on the Word of God.

Mama Chris, as she is affectionately known, brings life, revelation, healing, and joy. She leads the Everywoman ministry at C3 Church and champions women everywhere to live in 'full flight.' Everyone who experiences her ministry will find themselves inspired, encouraged and changed.

After 40 life changing years, Pastors Phil and Chris will be passing the C3 SYD Lead Pastor Role to Alex and Jessen Lee in November 2021 so they can move into our Global movement full time.

Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle
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Pat and Amanda Antcliff
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