What we see

For the people of Sydney

We see a LARGE, HEALTHY, GROWING church in the beautiful city of Sydney; a church that the people of Sydney love and that loves the people of Sydney.

We see a multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multi-site church.

We see a church that makes disciples of Jesus; a church where thousands of people are taking their next step to know Jesus, find community and discover purpose.

We see connect groups in every suburb across Sydney; groups where people are immersed in life-giving, Jesus-centred community.

We see a multitude of leaders who are humble, purehearted and hungry to make a difference.

We see weekend services and digital content alive with the Holy Spirit, youthful in heart, fresh with creativity, helpful to people, and inclusive of non-believers.

We hear a fresh sound of worship that draws the heart of people to Jesus; worship that is like an observatory between heaven and earth.

We see a church that is a beacon of hope with a visible presence and physical permanence right across Sydney.

We see a team that is faith-filled, Spirit-led and known for unity; who values the ONE; is committed to personal growth; and who always makes it better. Being on team is the best way to enjoy church!

We see a church ready to house a GREAT RETURN of sons and daughters and a GREAT HARVEST of new believers.

We see a church that loves its local community and is loved by the local community; a church that is making a difference and leaving the imprint of Christ on Sydney.

We see a church that seeks God with all its heart.

We see a church that is focused, mobilised and on mission; a church that hits the mark.

We see a church that God trusts and is using to see Sydney a city for Christ.