May 28 to June 3

Go Week

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Join our first ever Go Week

We are so excited for you and your Connect Group to be involved in our first ever Go Week from 28th of May to 3rd of June this year!

Our vision behind Go Week is that we, the local church, would go into our communities and love our neighbours. We’ll have practical projects running at every Location and through every Connect Group. It’s through these acts of service that we believe the people in our community can experience the love of Christ.
Together, your Connect Group will choose a Go Project based on the passions, skills, and resources within your group. It is such an honour to be able to serve our community together!

Go Week


March 1st – Registration

Go Week Project registration opens at

March 1st to APRIL 23rd – PHASE 1

Start discussing project ideas with your Connect Group.

MAY 1st to 7th (CG Week) – PHASE 2

Confirm project plan and secure resources.

MAY 15th to 21st (CG Week) – PHASE 3

Review project plans and roles.

MAY 21st – PHASE 4

Finalise details with anyone involved in your project.

MAY 28th to JUNE 3rd – GO WEEK

Get out there and execute your project!

Got Questions?

Who is approved to run a Go Project?

Go Projects during Go Week can only be facilitated through Connect Groups.  Connect Group Leaders will upload their Go Projects to the app/platform to be approved by our team. If anyone who is not a Connect Leader uploads the project, the project will not be approved.

I'm not a Connect Group Leader but would love to be involved!

You can! If you are passionate about wanting to get involved with Go Week, speak to your Connect Leader to help brainstorm, plan and execute your Connect Group’s Go Project. This is the best way to get involved.

If you would like to do more, please speak to your relevant Location Cares Manager about being involved in Local Partnerships.

I'm a Connect Group Leader, but I'm unsure where to start?

As a Connect Leader, you will have received a ‘Go Week Resource Pack’ email at the beginning of March, which contains all the resources you need. There you will find your Go Week Project Planner, as well as the ‘How to use the Serve App’ and ‘How to plan your Go Project’ tutorial videos.

How do I submit a Go Week Project?

Download the Serve App on the Apple App Store, or Google Play. There is a link to download in the resource pack email or QR codes in your Project Planner. Otherwise, try searching ‘Serve App Church’ in your App Store. In your resource pack email, there are tutorial videos that will show you how to submit a project.

Struggling to find a project to join for Go Week?

C3 SYD is partnered with several local initiatives that care for the people of Sydney! Some of these partnerships include:

  • One Meal – delivering meals to disadvantaged people
  • Bear Cottage – A children’s hospice in Manly
  • Clean Up Australia – Cleaning up our public spaces
  • Support Society – A disability support service
  • Foodbank – Fresh fruit and veggies weekly for our community
  • Lifeblood – Providing live-giving blood for those who need it

If you would like to get involved with one of our local partnerships, email us at

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