When you think of the term ‘worship leader’, what do you think of?


Probably some polished-looking vocalist with a voice like Whitney Houston, commanding stage presence and a freshly inked Christian tattoo. Am I close?

Now that picture may indeed be a worship leader in the sense that they lead the church congregation in song. But I believe the world’s greatest worship leaders have never set foot on a church stage.


The greatest worship leaders are people like YOU, who see worship as simply showing reverence and adoration toward God.


Leadership is guiding, inspiring and setting an example to those that we have influence over (friends, our kids, co-workers etc.). Putting these two things together we have someone who displays a love and adoration for God that sets an example to those around them.


Who said anything about singing?


In John 12 we read the story of a woman with the very expensive alabaster jar of perfume. She anointed the feet of Jesus with the perfume and wiped them with her hair in an incredible act of worship. In this simple act she showed the disciples her heart of worship without humming a single note. She led the way in worship and set an example to the disciples (and to us) in a moment of devotion and sacrifice.


The way we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives has an effect on the people around us.


If someone cuts us off in traffic and we hold our tongue rather than lose control, we show our kids riding in the back seat that we love God. We show them that we put Him before our emotions and we lead our kids to do the same. If a conversation around the office takes a turn and heads toward gossip about a co-worker, our refusal to be involved demonstrates a desire to honour the Lord and an example for others to follow.


By choosing to worship God and be an example, YOU can be a worship leader in your sphere of influence.



Aaron Welsh

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