What does being a Vision Builder mean to you?

Being a vision builder is all about going above what we’re comfortable with and beyond where we’ve been before. When you decide to sow into the vision of the church, you’re partnering with something so much bigger than yourself! The call of God is brought to the forefront of your life prompting you to grow and stretch into a more generous person.

What has been your experience when giving in faith? 

As a newly married couple, our faith statement is that we will build Gods house first. We have full confidence that as we build His house, he will build ours. In each moment where we make a decision to give, it’s an opportunity to align our hearts with each other and with God. 

How does the church reaching out into the community and overseas with the good news of Jesus impact your life and giving?

We love serving every week at our location and knowing that we are part of the greater vision of our church. With Vision Builders we can have a far greater impact because we are better together! Our sacrifice means our church is empowered to go places and reach people that we couldn’t on our own. It’s a huge part of how we champion the Church and the Gospel in our local community and beyond.

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