Vision Builders has a vision to create a “legacy of transformed lives” why is that important to you?

Nothing has transformed our lives more than hearing the Gospel and becoming followers of Jesus Christ. Whilst we can share the Gospel with people in our world, by making a financial commitment to Vision Builders we are part of a growing C3 movement reaching and transforming the lives of people we may never meet in places we most probably will never go.  The power of this has been driven home not only when we see Vision Builder updates but when we get to meet someone who is following Jesus having been touched  through “Your Best Life” or one of the many Beyond initiatives. Also we feel we have been able to pass on to our children the importance of giving. Both our daughters give to Vision Builders and it blesses us to see them established in church and their willingness to serve God in this way. 

What is one piece of practical advice you would give to someone as they approach giving to Vision Builders (thinking about prayer, sacrifice and commitment)?

I like what Pastor Phil says “The promises of God when acted upon become the power of God”.  Making sacrificial commitments to Vision Builders over the last 26 years is like having an annual check up with the Holy Spirit. Making a stretch commitment invariably causes doubts and insecurities to surface and highlights where we have become passive in our faith. When we make a Vision Builders commitment we take time to pray and write down these things that really matter to us beyond fulfilling our financial pledge, what is important to us personally. We look for God’s promises in scripture that speaks directly to what we are believing for, stand on those promises in prayer, ask for wisdom and get help from people we trust to get a plan together and then take practical steps to implement the plan.      

For example, our first commitment back in 1993 was $50k which was way beyond what we could achieve based on our finances at that time. We married in 1992, Geoff had just finished full time C3 bible college and focused on building our new recruitment business and Chris had been advised to stop work early in her pregnancy with Ruby to prevent the devastation of another miscarriage. The only way we could see to fulfill our commitment was triple my revenue target over the next 24 months. That made me (Geoff) realize that fear of failure and self doubt was holding me back and felt God gave me Joshua 1:9 (NIV) Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” as a personal promise and we stood on key scriptures for the birth of Ruby and later for Eloise. That really stirred us into digging deep into our relationship with God.  We ended up fulfilling our commitment, experiencing the joy of two beautiful daughters following several miscarriages and building a business that years later we sold to a Japanese company for a seven figure sum. Thank you Jesus!

How do you feel when  you  see the church caring for the lost and vulnerable people in Sydney and Beyond?

It warms our hearts!, It is very touching to hear stories and see reports of the church in action, people being being loved and cared for. It’s what we are called to do and it encourages me to keep our hearts right, to do what we can when the Lord brings people across our paths, knowing that its not just about what we do with what we have in our hands but its what the Holy Spirit is doing through our obedience.  We love how God takes what we do and magnifies it. We love the culture of generosity in C3, whether its giving finances, listening to someone with an open heart, including people in our life or taking time to walk wit someone through a tough time…. 

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