The term ‘all in’ looks different for every family.


For us, most days it means trying to juggle between raising a family, running a business and building our church, C3 Silverwater.

But the wonderful thing about our God is that nothing is too complex or impossible when He is involved.
When we are plugged into Him, fully dependent on His power and presence, when He is our only source of strength & provision… then somehow it all comes together.


Practically, ‘all in’ for us means we are here to serve & build His House wherever we are needed across teams like operations, worship, production and multimedia.

It means we submit our dreams, plans & goals for our video production business to Him & walk in His favour. We work hard to give 150% to our clients across all our projects.


It means tag teaming in school pick ups, weekend sport and quality time with our beautiful kids. We try to make sure we have regular quality conversations about how our family and our marriage is tracking.
It means spending time with people in our life and across our church community who we love, who invest in us and who pray for us.

It’s having the courage to keep saying yes to serving when we are needed, even when in the natural it doesn’t make sense or it seems we have taken on too much.


It also means sometimes we are broken and need to be at the altar receiving prayer & ministry so that we are sustained.


In the last few months, we have seen the fruit of giving everything over to him.


We have been blown away by the growth and surge of so many new clients and really fun, large-scale projects. It wasn’t that long ago we were starting to worry about the future of our business, but submitting it all to him has meant that He gets to open every door and ultimately He gets all the glory.

We are becoming more and more aware this life is temporary, we exist for His cause & His kingdom.
We are absolutely loving this season for our family and we totally acknowledge the simple privilege it is to be a team + walk this life together.


Redge, Junne, Addyson & Riley Duquilla

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