Our Scripture Teachers from C3 SYD went back into local public schools in week 3 of term 3 to Present Lessons while Representing Christ.  Hundreds of children and many staff welcomed us with open arms – from a safe 1.5m distance ☺

The Team was praying Numbers 6:24-26 over our classes while we were absent from them in term 2.  It was evident in every room we visited that God brought peace to his children in our world of turmoil.  He is so so good!

Here are some team statements from that first week:

My Kindergarten class was so much fun!  One little boy told he was “a true Christian” and it was evident: he really knows his Bible!

Year 6 was super keen to come to scripture class.  I talked to them about the God who knows us and sees us, and that He is always good, even when our world is experiencing troubled times.  Children took turns in reading from the Bible and each one participated in prayer.  As we took time to listen to God, His presence was so tangible!

My classes are going well and the kids are keen to learn.  They seem to be more attentive than in previous times.

I love being back with my year 1 and 2 classes.  They are so adorable and loved watching children sing “The Blessing”!

The team will welcome anyone who’s keen to join.  So if you love kids, love God’s Word and are keen to be trained as a scripture teacher, please chat with us via sre@c3syd.church


Jacqui Mikac

Scripture in Schools Pastor

Child Protection Compliance Officer

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Manager

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