We become the hands and feet of Jesus as we look after the lost and vulnerable.


C3 Cares



C3 Cares is a ministry of C3 SYD that offers practical help and shares the love of Jesus with people in our community who are doing it tough.

  • 2 Care Centres at C3 SYD Silverwater and Oxford Falls. Our Oxford Falls location has just expanded to include a food pantry and homeless feeding program.
  • C3 Cares runs community outreach programs in Western Sydney, the Northern Beaches and Hornsby. We reach out to those in need providing meals, clothing and support services.
  • 2 mobile food trailers – that distribute hot meals at DeeWhy beach on Friday nights
  • C3 Cares has provided in this last year:
    - 5000 items of clothing
    - 2200 meals
    - 3000 food hampers
    - $400,000 in goods distributed
  • During COVID time – C3 Cares C3Cares moved to focus on delivering meals and emergency food hampers. We have distributed 1500 meals and hampers to people who need help, including many with no access to food or government assistance.
  • Merrylands Op shop
  • Gave to Farmers in Bathurst, Tamworth and Darling Downs. (food, fuel vouchers)
  • Supported Bushfire victims in Camden and Picton (fresh food and bedding)


C3 Cares is a ministry of C3 SYD that helps individuals or families in financial stress. A C3 Money Care team member works through their personal finances with a view to identify underlying issues and to establish a remedial budget and action plan. If needs be, part of this process involves negotiating with creditors to seek some relief in repayment terms.

C3 Money Care team also support small business owners. Together, they determine the issues which have resulted in a failed or struggling small business and establish an action plan which includes linking them with the most appropriate professional services. This will help determine if the business can be turned around, sold or closed.

Overarching these interventions, C3 Money Care seeks to bring a message of hope, mirrored by the love of God, into its dealings and where appropriate offer prayer. They remain the client’s friend and spiritual mentor throughout the intervention process and beyond.

SMS Lighthouse



Lighthouse is an organisation that works with families escaping domestic violence and men walking through separation and divorce. They offer a hand up and not a hand-out to empower families to move forward into living their best lives.



Chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral support to people of all backgrounds. The C3 Chaplaincy team comprises 30 active Chaplains who serve in Aged Care, Hospitals, Prisons, Sporting and Business sectors. Their goal is to reach the community with love and compassion, and to provide hope, encouragement and companionship.

This last year many of the chaplains have received training in DRCN (Disaster Recovery) in light of the bush fire season early 2020 and those people/families who have lost jobs, business's, homes etc with the onset of Covid 19.




I was speaking with a young employee at a storage facility about the current isolation situation & shared how my heart aches for the elderly. He shared how he calls by an elderly lady, Susan in Brookvale who is struggling. I mentioned our Church would be very happy to supply her with a food hamper, toilet paper, magazines & a listening ear.

After collecting a hamper from C3 Cares, I popped in a few more goodies and included C3's Prayer book and a few other Christian resources. I spoke with Susan over the phone prior to drop off and asked how she was feeling..'"not well... I asked if I could pray and sensed the Holy Spirit ask about her sight, she was very grateful. I asked did she know Jesus, "Yes, but it’s been a long time…"ok, let’s ask Him to be part of your everyday."...She was elated & keen to know Him more. I will be dropping off a large print Bible to her this week.




Rahab Project is a group of women from C3 SYD who visit local brothels, with the intention of connecting the working women with the love of Jesus and the local church. They provide gifts, pamper packs, chocolates, and scripture.


OUTREACH / GLOBAL / church plant

C3 SYD has partnered with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for many years. This children's charity, purchases essential and often life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children in Paediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in hospitals across Australia. There are children in C3 SYD church who are alive and well today because of machinery Humpty has funded and distributed in Sydney hospitals.

Our C3 Cyclists rode 618km from Albury to Canberra on 'The Alps Tour' to raise $50,000 for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

C3 Cyclists
Compassion (1)



Compassion is an international organisation that is Christ centred, child focused, and church based. It provides holistic child development programs through local churches in 25 nations helping over 1.8 million children. Compassion Australia alone is responsible for looking after more than 100,000 children in developing nations.

C3 Church has been in the relationship with Compassion for almost 9 years now and it's a partnership very much in the heart of Ps Phil and Chris. In 2014 C3 and Compassion agreed to a cobranded child sponsorship platform with an aim to release 10,000 children and families. To date C3 Churches in Australia sponsor over 4,000 children.



Child Action Lanka works to assist and transform the lives of disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka. Many of the children live and work on the streets as beggars; they are often socially excluded and deprived of opportunities and respect. Hunger, neglect, exploitation and abuse are just a few of the many challenges faced by these children every day.

We provide direct assistance to around 1,000 children in eleven different locations around the island. Join us as we work to see the next generation off the streets, to help children reach their full potential.

Child Action Lanka



Provides a home for children who are either orphaned, abandoned or whose parents are unable to take care of them. Bali Life creates an environment as close to that of a normal family, where children feel loved and supported in all areas of their life.

As the children graduate from high school, Bali Life provides a “Scholarship Program” for those that qualify. The purpose is to fund the child’s vocational training or higher education to give them real hope for a bright future and empower them to succeed in the marketplace. C3 SYD sponsored a young woman who was raised in Bali Life and is also a leader in C3 The Bukit, a church that was planted by Rachel Dobra, originally from C3 Hepburn Heights, WA.



This program helps budding entrepreneurs to start their own business. It is run by C3 East Africa for church and community members in 8 training centers across East Africa. The training helps people with basic money-management and the know-how and skills to start and run a profitable micro-business. Participants are provided with business mentors and those who meet the criteria can also access micro-credit to start or build their business.

East AfricaXpress 26



For many years C3 SYD and Everywoman have supported the work of Alice Achan and Pader Child Academy in war torn Northern Uganda. The Academy runs the Restoration Project which focuses on educating girls and caring for mums in childbirth. This grass roots work includes the provision of education and vocational training for girls who’ve been subjected to sexual violence or excluded from school due to poverty or child pregnancy. The Restoration Project also provides safe births for women who would otherwise not have access to healthcare in an area where only 50% of births currently have any antenatal, birth or postnatal care.

C3 Church is proud to partner with this organisation as they work to improve the education, promotion and protection of vulnerable children, pregnant women and child mothers. Everywoman raised funds that enabled the building of Pader Guesthouse which is used to train young mums in areas of hospitality.

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