At the heart of Vision Builders is a desire for people to be tr
Partner with Vision Builders

Please prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you and your family, based on wisdom and faith. The philosophy of Vision Builders is that together we all give through equal sacrifice, not equal giving.

Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders commitment card or the Vision Builders online commitment form through to June 2023.

Ways to give include:

  • Regular Payment: Making regular weekly or monthly contributions is one of the most simple and successful ways to fulfill your commitment.
  • Salary Sacrifice: You can arrange with your employer to make a deduction from your salary each pay.
  • Direct Credit: This can be arranged through your employer or bank. Your bank can arrange regular transfers that occur automatically. You can also arrange regular payments via internet banking. Alternatively, you can choose to make a payment from money currently available or when you receive a work bonus, tax refund or sell an asset.
  • Online Donation: Simply choose from one of the buttons above or download the C3 Church App and click on the ‘Give’ tab.
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