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We're putting together a group of likeminded creatives. Artists, worshippers, photographers, lighting and sound engineers, communicators, editors and wordsmiths. We all have a part to play in what God is doing right here in Sydney, an expression of the gifting's put on our hearts.

Join us for a a short message from our incoming Lead Pastor Alex Lee + breakout sessions with some of our C3 SYD Team to learn more about what we are doing throughout Sydney and how you can get involved. If you're not yet on a team - here's your chance. If you're already on a team, and know a friend with secret skills... here's your chance!

The Collective
7 PM - 9 PM Wednesday 21st April
C3 SYD Oxford Falls

Not sure if you "fit the mold"? Here's just a few examples of all the possibilities and a sneak peek at some of the breakouts we have in store;


Dan Korocz
Singers, Vocal Coaches,  Musicians, Song Writers, Producers, Engineers



Junne Duquilla
Video (Editing + Shoot), Graphic Designers, Project Managers, Artists, Photographers, Stage & Set Design


Courtney Trestrail 
Writers, Social Media Gurus, Web Designers + Developers, Marketers, Digital Content Creators, PR


Britt Clingeleffer
Interior Designers, Event Planners, Event Managers, Florists, Experience Designers


Tadiwa Martin 
Planners, Service Producers, Stage Managers, Public Speakers, All Round Boss People


Chad Keating
Lighting, Sound, Engineers, Riggers, Camera Operators, Screens Operators