Have you ever considered that the first sin in the Garden of Eden was connected to food?

Food, exercise and body image issues are spiritual in origin and therefore demand a spiritual solution. God wants us all to receive the freedom and victory that he has purchased through the Cross – and yes, that means victory in our eating, our self-image, and our body care.


I believe we can be free to celebrate our unique and best self without calorie counting, dieting or living by stringent rules and regulations (I believe this because I know it from experience, not theory). True freedom empowers us to draw from the power that is within us, not just apply an external program on us! Not everyone has an eating disorder but many people have disordered eating, which is a direct result of disordered thinking often developing from negative words spoken to us by others; our own negative self-talk and beliefs; rejection; the pressure of measuring up to expectations of self and others; addiction and comfort eating; shame; lack of knowledge…. and more.


We are living in an era with an obsession of self!


Social media is flooded with ‘selfies’ of pouting lips, butts and boobs, rippling abdominals, toned legs, buffed shoulders and bulging biceps. Focus can achieve impressive results but is this anything more than idolatory, and is such a way of life satisfying or sustainable? Our body was never intended to be an object of worship – worship belongs to God alone.


Whomever the Son sets free will be free INDEED (John 8:36) - is a wonderful promise of freedom and victory and an invitation to bring every area of our life to Him. Yes, even our body, our eating, our exercising and our self-image battles.



Sheralyn Bucknell is a Pastor at C3 Oxford Falls and author of The Body Battle. You can follow Sheralyn on Instagram @_thebodybattle.

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