Hebrews 11:8


"By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going."

Hebrews tells us that Abraham went, not knowing where he was going. When God asks you to go, it’s the going that will take faith. You’re going to feel silly at some point when you do things God’s way. Jesus was told by the Holy Spirit to put mud in a man’s eyes! Can you imagine doing that to a stranger -yet Jesus obeyed and the man was healed of blindness.


God wants us to go from:

known                         ➤         unknown

what we can see         ➤         what we cannot see

the familiar                  ➤         the unfamiliar

secure                         ➤         insecure

facts                            ➤         truth

The only way to a changed life is to change. God wants us to take steps of faith, trusting that He’ll be with you. Abraham was an old man when God gave him the command to go in Genesis 12:1. This is not the time of life when we think about starting something new but he left security and familiarity to follow God, one step at a time. A step of faith repeated is steps of faith which becomes a walk of faith.

At church we have been asking people to consider their “next step”. The next step might be into the unknown for you. It may be tithing, joining a connect group, leading a connect group or even buying a house. We need to be a community of faith filled, big thinking people who encourage each other to take steps of faith.

Have you even considered that Peter wanted to walk on the water because it looked like fun? We don’t need to wait for a deep theological meaning to step out in faith. Peter’s desire to be a part of the miraculous gives us a profound lesson in how to walk by faith.

Look at Jesus and let His truth overrule “the facts”. Faith is not a denial of problems but it is an acknowledgement of a higher law: truth. The higher laws of thermodynamics allow an aeroplane to fly and overcome the law of gravity.  Truth can reshape your facts if you set your eyes on Jesus and decide to walk by faith not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Abraham got better at walking by faith over time. As he travelled away from his old life and into God’s promised land, he built altars to mark the journey and honour God. But when there was a famine he fled to Egypt and when the promised son didn’t arrive, Abraham had a son by Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar. These things were not God’s way. It can be a very long time waiting for God’s promises but don’t give up: keep walking, stay in church and have faith that the answer is coming.

How did Abraham do it (Romans 4:18-20):

Different translations say that Abraham ‘considered his body/did not consider his body’ when believing God’s promise of a son. Both are correct. Abraham knew the facts but he didn’t bow to them. He believed God’s truth would triumph over the facts.

Abraham got strong in his faith by praising God. The strength of your faith depends on your mouth. As we sing God’s praises and declare His truth, the confession of our mouth starts to shift what we are believing in our hearts. This then allows hope and joy to rise up regardless of your circumstances. Praising God in Church is not the end – praise Him every day of your week!

Romans says that Abraham did not waiver, when we know that he did. This is God’s truth vs “fact”. Parents will always defend their kids. Even when you’ve made mistakes, your Heavenly Father will defend you. Nothing disqualifies you from being His child.

Abraham lived under a changed name. Abram and Sarai were renamed by God as Abraham and Sarah which mean “father of a multitude” and “mother of a multitude”. Speak over yourself who you want to be.

Don’t become lazy (Hebrews 6:12). It is one thing to have faith when you are in church, in the moment but what about tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Have faith in God and keep walking in faith.

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