Spêak is a series of blog posts from C3 College students on hearing the voice of God. 


Does God speak to us?


The single biggest learning curve in my Christian walk, has been the revelation that I don’t need God to speak to me in order to know that He is for me and loves me. Yes, you read that right. God has not yet spoken to me (audibly), but I am completely confident that He is looking after me as my heavenly Father. This however, has not always been the case.


I once thought that there was something wrong with the way I prayed, or there was something in my life that God wasn’t pleased with and therefore He wasn’t speaking to me on a regular basis. I would pray and expect God to audibly speak to me, I would ask for wisdom in regards to an important matter and expect to hear the ever elusive “voice of God” so often talked about in Christian circles.

Not once did God speak to me in those moments. As many can relate, I became frustrated to the point of thinking that God only spoke to His “world changers” and leaders of global movements. I was sure that God would never speak to me and that the lack of His voice in my life was a negative thing.


“I don’t need God to speak to me in order to know that He is for me and loves me.”


I don’t know of any scripture in the Bible that says if God has not yet spoken to you, you have done something wrong. For me, the fact that God hasn’t audibly spoken to me yet, just means that He hasn’t needed to yet. He may never need to, and that’s okay! Too often I’ve seen Christians become frustrated, as I was, that God isn’t audibly speaking to them, that they’re missing the other ways that He does speak to us. These ways aren’t anything new, or hidden. In fact, I have found that God speaks to me most through the Bible and through my close friends. I only realised this when I surrendered to the fact that I didn’t have to hear His audible voice. By releasing myself from only being able to hear God speak in only one way, my spirit was opened to two others channels for divine input.


Isn’t it amusing that we will have our Bibles, have our friends and pastors, yet we ignore them all and keep asking God to speak to us.

God is speaking to us. Continually, through different means. We just need to have the humility to listen to the King’s messengers rather than expecting to hear only the King’s voice. God wants to speak to us. We are His children and He is our creator. However, we need to want to hear from Him from a place of surrender, not demand or entitlement.

I have almost always found that when I have had divine revelation from The Word, it has been when my heart and mind are humble; when my spirit is surrendered before God.


“I have found that God speaks to me most through the Bible.”


I would challenge anyone who, like me, struggled to hear God’s voice. Ask yourself, what do you actually want? Do you want to hear an audible voice to affirm God’s existence or do you want to have God speak to you through the Word, a pastor or friend so that you may find guidance for your situation? God loves each of us so abundantly and so wants to be in relationship with us, we just need to be willing to hear Him speak.


Josh Scherrer, a @c3college 1st Year Leadership and Ministry student, waiting for God to Spêak.

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