5th August 2020

You may have seen the latest announcement from NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian regarding gatherings at places of worship.

Starting Friday 24th of July, indoor gatherings and places of worship will be reduced to a maximum capacity of 100 people. View the latest update from NSW Gov here.

To comply with these new restrictions the following decisions and processes have been put in place by C3 SYD:

  1. The number of people at our services will be restricted to 100 people per venue, complying with the 4sqm rule (excluding staff).
  2. C3 SYD denotes staff as essential workers (both paid or unpaid) that are required to provide a safe and functional service.
  3. Our C3 SYD Locations that have different venues with different entry and exit points can have one gathering of 100 simultaneously at each venue.
  4. At some of our Locations adults, youth and kids can meet in separate venues. The maximum per venue is 100 people adhering to the 4m2 ruling.
  5. An online booking system for some of our Locations has been set up to ensure numbers do not exceed the 100 people allowed per venue. Bookings and check in information is available here: c3syd.church/register
  6. At the close of the service, people will be reminded of 1.5m social distancing restrictions and asked to leave the venue within 15 minutes.
  7. As NSW Health strongly recommends that masks are worn when in public spaces, from this Sunday we ask that you come prepared with your own face mask when joining us for Church this Sunday.

You can still join us for Church Online at 10 AM every Sunday right here at c3syd.church. Church Online is an opportunity for us to unite as C3 SYD, no matter where you gather to watch church, you are part of one church, our church C3 SYD.

Our online experience will be live at 10 AM and available to rewatch all Sunday. If you're unable to join us onsite - why not join us online!


Conditions of Entry

We are implementing the following health and safety procedures at our locations to ensure a safe environment. If you are feeling unwell at all, or are uncomfortable we ask that you please stay home, stay safe, and stay well!

  • 1.5m social distancing will be in place, and enforced. Please allow extra room between yourself and other attendees when sitting in auditoriums and halls.
  • All churchgoers will be required to sign-in at a registration desk at every location or pre-book their seat. Bookings available here: c3syd.church/register
  • It is encouraged to download the COVIDsafe App, as advised by the government.
  • There will be reduced seating capacity in main auditoriums, with seats remaining separated and spaced by 1.5m – members of the same household will be able to sit together
  • Hand Sanitiser will be in multiple spots around locations
  • Although you may have missed hugging, we ask that there are no handshakes, hugs or physical contact upon greeting others – start working on that smile!
  • Giving will be predominantly online, no offering containers or cash will be handled during the Service, apart from Host team holding a offering container at the door on exit
  • At the end of the service, there must be a controlled exit, and exiting with 1.5m distancing. Per government guidelines, we will be making swift controlled exits to minimise mingling, with all attendees leaving within 15 minutes.
  • Per Government rules, we are unable to sing collectively in worship under the current COVID guidelines. We will be able to meet together in a space of worship and gather in the presence of God. Worship is a posture of the heart – no matter whether we can sing out loud, we can praise Him still!

C3 SYD Locations Service Dates + Times

The following Locations will be using a pre-booking system to register your seat for services to comply with the 100 person limit:

Oxford Falls

Service Times: 8:30, 10:00, 4:30, 6:00

Kids: 10:00 (primary, preschool, bubs) + 4:30 (primary + preschool)



Service Times: 10:00

Kids: 10:00


The following Locations will be using the current check-in system on the day to monitor numbers complying with the 100 person limit:


Service Times: 10:00

Kids: 10:00


Service Times:  9:30, 10:45

Kids: n/a



Service Times: 10:00

Kids: 10:00



Service Times: 10:00

Kids: 10:00 (in service)



Online Only -  10:00

Head to live.c3syd.church to join us!



Online Only - 10 AM

Head to live.c3syd.church to join!

Join us this Sunday for C3 SYD Online

Live Streaming at 10 AM 


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