The C3 SYD team of Scripture Teachers visit local public schools near C3 SYD locations on a weekly basis. We are a team of 13 people reaching approximately 500 children each week in 6 local schools.  Scripture teachers usually aren’t trained schoolteachers.  They are people who love Jesus, love kids, and are keen to share the good news of God’s Word with others.  We always welcome new people, and we’d love to show you what it’s like to go into schools.  If you’re keen to see what Scripture in Public Schools is like, send us an email to find out more.

Kids in Prayer

In December we were thankful to our C3 SYD members who provided hampers for families in need in our schools.  We packed the church van and 2 other cars with hampers and we drove them to 3 local schools to bless 30 families.  The school principals were super thankful for your generosity!



During COVID19 we are not in schools, yet we reach approximately 450 families each week with a message of hope in through one school’s eNews.


What SRE teachers & parents  say about SRE:


Seeing kids engaged with the gospel and asking questions about it is the thing I like most about teaching Scripture in Schools!

Children are 30% of our population but they are all of our future.

Some of these children may otherwise never know that God loves them. Let's introduce them to our Father God.

85% of children in our local public schools don’t attend church regularly. Their scripture class is their church

The children have such unique personalities some extroverts, some quiet and some that just bubble with joy at every little understanding. It is amazing to see them unashamedly enjoy learning about Jesus and who He is. It never ceases to amaze me how when you prepare your lesson you glean some new aspect of the gospel story.

My daughter is in Kindy at our local public school this year and has really enjoyed Scripture.  As a family we attend ... Church and it has been wonderful for our daughter to learn more of our wonderful King and Saviour Jesus while at school!

Every week I get to teach young people about God and it is SO much fun!  I've taught the same class for 3 years and they are the funniest, coolest kids.  I teach them to ask questions, because I want them to really think about faith and life and choices.  During our Easter lesson they had some great questions, like "Why do people go to church on Friday and again on Sunday?" "Why is there an Easter bunny at Easter?  Jesus isn't an Easter bunny!" and "Why did Jesus have to die?"  I think kids have the most incredible way to remind you what matters, bringing you back to basics. 

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