Many years ago when we first stepped out to host an annual conference focused on empowering people in the life of the Holy Spirit I had two visions of angels preparing a place – a pavilion, for God and His Presence. He spoke to me and told me He would search the hearts of those gathered in worship and on altar calls to select soldiers for an army of God.

That was nearly thirty years ago.

I have not experienced any visitations of a similar nature until recently when a great angel bringing hosts of other angels came to me in preparation for a new day for us. In that experience I became aware of how powerful our praise to God is. Even more so, our praise to God that is Jesus-centred. All of heaven’s worship is directed to the Lamb in the midst of the throne of God. As I began to bring this praise to God, for Jesus and His blood, these angels were strengthened and empowered. 

An amazing thing is last year we saw around 500 people come to Christ at Presence Conference. In the past this has been between one and two hundred, so this is a new thing for us. We should reach out to as many people in our lives that we can and help them find salvation at Presence.

Business people have long been on my heart and are an important part of Presence Conference. We encourage pastors to bring the marketplace people in their midst so they can catch the vision and feel what their leaders are a part of and then take that back to their churches, communities and careers. Our Pathfinders business breakfast positioned over the Presence week specifically brings together these business men and women from all across the world and is a great opportunity to bring guests for a snapshot of Presence. 

We always aim to share some of the great skills from our guest speakers and leaders and this year we have expanded that avenue to include over 15 highly focused masterclasses. Topics we know will help people on every level whether that be career, family or ministry.

There is power in our coming together and in our praise. 

I know that a new level of praise will take us to higher realms of worship at Presence this year. The Holy Spirit will visit us with fresh oil. As we seek Him in this atmosphere of high praise He will speak to us. He will bring answers, healing and freedom. He will bring dreams, visions and strategy for our future…..

See you at Presence!

Ps Phil

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