pader child academy.

The decades-long conflict between the Lords Resistance Army and the Ugandan government has wrecked havoc on the people of Northern Uganda. The LRA strategy of violence against civilians has led to over 100,000 people killed and over 100,000 people abducted. At the height of the conflict, 82% of the population was forced to live in internally displaced people (IDP) camps.

CCF began in 2002 with a vision of supporting child mothers returning from LRA captivity. C3 Church is proud to partner with this organisation as they work to improve the education and promotion and protection of vulnerable children as well as a champion of alternative education for child mothers.

Pader Child Academy assists girls who cannot enrol in mainstream education because they have babies, are too old for their age grade level, and/or lack financial resources as a result of the conflict in Northern Uganda.

To enable students to achieve their highest academic, vocational and sports potential and help them become whole-rounded individuals in their communities.


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