We're all for keeping things simple and sustainable at C3 SYD, so this August we will be launching an exciting New Rhythm in the life of our Church!

We will be simplifying our gatherings, events and meetings into a fortnightly rhythm in order to maximise health and gain greater momentum!

Our heart behind this New Rhythm is to strengthen our Connect Groups and Prayer Meetings in order to promote health and sustainability across C3 SYD.

This New Rhythm will be kicking off with our Connect Week on Monday 3rd August!






This means that all worship team rehearsals, SYD All In Team Nights and WASP Training nights will now be on a Wednesday evening during the Prayer Week.

Other gatherings including Location Team Gatherings and Team Meetings will also run on either a Sunday or Wednesday.


What happens if there are connect groups that can't align with the rhythm?
We are asking that every connect group aligns with the Church rhythm for their benefit. Therefore it is important for all Connect Overseers within each location to work with each Connect Group Leader to brainstorm ways that Connect Groups can align to the SYD Rhythm. However this will be on a case by case basis - and we will be working with you to figure out the best solution for your group! 

Does my Connect Group have to now run on a Wednesday?
No, Connect Groups can run at any time during the 'Connect Week', it does not have to be a Wednesday.

What if I attend two Connect Groups?
We would encourage that you find one consistent Connect Group to be a part of fortnightly. 

Can we still have Team Meetings on any day and time?
All Location Team Meetings are to be on a Wednesday Prayer week or Sunday. C3 Youth programs will continue to run on a Friday evening in addition to Sunday services.

Will Prayer Meetings for my Location remain online?
Fortnightly prayer meetings on a Wednesday do have the opportunity to continue online, gather physically or have both. Please speak to the team at your location for details.


If you have any questions regarding the New Rhythm, we encourage you to contact your upline at your Location, your connect coach or get in touch with us at