l The following post is based on our “Lord Help Me" series across C3 Sydney’s 11 Locations l

"‘If you love me,’ he went on, ‘you will keep my commands.  And I will ask the father, and he will give you another helper, to be with you forever.
This other helper is the spirit of truth. The world can’t receive him, because
it doesn’t see him or know him.  But you know him, because he lives
with you, and will be in you."
John. 14:15-17 NTE  

God is powerful and He imparts His power to us through the
Holy Spirit. We can access this power when we are filled
and walk with the Holy Spirit.

No matter how simple or complex the situation we are facing, when we pray ‘Lord help me!’, He does. When Jesus ascended to Heaven, He told His disciples that He would leave them a helper. This helper is the Holy Spirit, the third part of the trinity and fully God. He lives in us, so He is intimately aware of all our issues and failings and yet never leaves us alone.

This power can help us to:

Be Strong as Sons and Daughters of God

The Holy Spirit has power but He is a person not a battery. His power will not diminish. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living in us.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to know who we are. When John baptised Jesus and the Holy Spirit descended on Him “like a dove” the voice affirmed that He was the son of God.  In the same way, the Holy Spirit is a witness inside us affirming that before we do anything, we are a son or daughter of God (Romans 8:14-16).

Just as Jesus said God’s spirit was upon Him to empower Him (Luke4:18-19), so the Holy Spirit empowers us to believe good things for the future no matter what is going on, to see freedom before it arrives and speak it in faith that it will happen, to illuminate a way forward, to break the power of oppression, the authority to tell the devil to leave and the power to declare favour.

Be a Bold Witness

The Holy Spirit gives us power to be God’s witnesses (Acts 2:8). God wants us to be equipped to help bring the world into alignment with His vision. He doesn’t expect us to do it on our strength but empowers us (Ephesians 3:16). We can boldly share what Jesus has done in our lives with those around us.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to remain bold in our witness. In Acts 4 the church was suffering persecution and not knowing what else to do, they prayed and God gave them boldness (Acts 4:31).  When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, boldness comes but the reverse is also true:  When you are bold, the Holy Spirit comes.  It is okay not to be okay, but let the Holy Spirit empower you.  We can declare that when we are weak, He is strong and that if God is for us, who can stand against us.

Move in Our Gifts

The Holy Spirit empowers us to do mighty things.  The members of the early church that we read about in Acts were just like us, serving the church and the Bible describes them as doing mighty or great works (Acts 6:8).  We are not meant to do the Christian life in our strength.  We can also be empowered by members of the church when we meet in connect groups and “confess” to each other where we are falling short. When we are empowered, we can do extraordinary things (Acts 3 & 4).  God’s power is not for us to hold onto it but to let it flow through us, helping people come one step closer to Jesus.

Something to talk about:

1.  Share about a time that the Holy Spirit empowered you to be bold.
2.  If God knows we need help before we ask, why is it important to ask Him for help?
3.  What has the Holy Spirit revealed to you this week which can encourage other members of your group?

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