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Jesus said “Go into all the world” - Kids say “Come to our school!”  The C3 SYD Scripture Team is super excited to be going back into school classrooms from the beginning of Term 3.  We’d love for you to join us, whether that be as a classroom helper, a person who commits to pray for the team, or be trained as a Scripture teacher (free training provided by C3 SYD).  Please click on the link below to register your interest.


Scripture in Schools (SRE) has been on pause since week 7 of Term 1.  During this time, students have been able to access scripture based resources as part of their “learning from home”.  This has been a great way for them to continue their faith based learning.


Presenting Lessons while Representing Christ is what the C3 SYD Scripture Team does best.  We teach children about Jesus and show them what He’s like.


The best way to engage students in learning about faith, is for them to experience the goodness of our God, His love, kindness and forgiveness.  Our classrooms are like Sunday church or Connect Group to our students, as most of our students do not attend church on a regular basis, some not at all.  The SRE classroom is a space for students to question, explore and discover faith, so together we read the Bible, we have great discussions, and we pray!


McCrindle Research states that: -

  • 65% of all students in NSW attend a public school
  • most NSW public schools offer SRE classes of various kinds
  • 71% or primary students and 30% of high school students attend SRE


Proverbs 11v30 tells us that “If you act wisely, others will follow.”

For the SRE Team, “acting wisely” in a classroom means we do not preach at students, but we win them to Jesus.  We do this by meeting a need in their life, healing a hurt, finding other practical ways to win them to Him.


We have found that SRE helps connect schools with our C3 SYD church community.  Presenting Lessons while Representing Christ looks like this: We teach children to question, explore and discover faith in our classrooms, we provide assistance to families in need (as identified by the school staff) and we give wonderful Christmas hampers so generously donated by C3 SYD members.


You’d like to know more or get involved?

You can play a part in this amazing community ministry, by clicking the button below

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