The Christian walk is a walk of faith. A walk of trust, hope and belief in God, “God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.”
(Romans 4:17b NKJV).

We all have areas we are believing for God to move in our worlds. We are all, no doubt, believing for a family member or friend to come to Christ.

Some of us have perhaps given up through delay in answered prayer or through disappointment. But let’s switch on faith again and believe.

1. Abraham is our Father of Faith

There is a person just like us in scripture, named Abram, and he and his wife Sarai had a dream – to have children. BUT they were childless and aged.  In fact, Sarai’s womb was ‘dead’.  To have children would have been impossible in the natural. Is there a dream in your life that you’ve accepted as impossible or let go of?  Dream again!
God promised Abraham that he would be the heir of the world, “through the righteousness of faith” (Romans 4:13).  He renamed Abram, Abraham, meaning “Father of Many” (Genesis 17:4-5). In the natural, this was impossible.  Yet, what was Abraham’s response? Abraham BELIEVED GOD! (Romans 4:3).  He believed God before it happened and introduced himself as “Father of Many”, speaking out that faith years before the promised child was born (Romans 4:16-22).

2. Abraham’s life gives us many keys to the Journey of Faith
  • God is faithful (Hebrews 11:11) and powerful (Romans 4:21) to fulfil the promises he speaks to us, just as He fulfilled His promise to Abraham (Romans 4:18b) and many others in the Bible. When your children face challenges, remind them of what the Bible says about the situation and believe together.
  • Abraham shows us how to continue in unwavering faith. It’s not about getting it perfect. Abraham thought he would help God to fulfil the promise by being with Hagar. Abraham didn’t give up because he made a mistake – God still considers us faithful as we keep going, as we keep believing. Fathers can love their kids the way God loves us, by creating a safe space to express themselves and be encouraged to keep trying -this is how we grow.
  • The promise came not because of Abraham’s works but because of his faith in God and in God’s faithfulness. When fathers speak faith and not doubt, while waiting for answers to prayer, their children notice and are encouraged to do the same.
  • It’s important we don’t put our faith in the promise, but in God. Just as good fathers spend time with their children and are available to them, our relationship with God is with a person and not their wallet!
3. Abraham led his family in Faith.

Abraham stepped out at God’s word to go to a land promised to him by God. (Hebrews 11:8-10).  Fathers need to lead their family into the promised land. Lead your family in faith, persist in faith and in the things of God.  If you hope that one day your children will make their own decision for God, be intentional about modelling faith in your home.  Remind your family of God’s faithfulness, joy and goodness.  Share the Bible, church life and prayer with them, showing them that God is real, lifegiving and loves them deeply.

4. Christ is the Author and Finisher of our Faith

Keep looking to Jesus in his Word and keep leading your family to church - such actions will only build and strengthen one’s faith (Hebrews 12:2). Keep turning up to church and to connect group. There, your spiritual family can encourage you, support you, pray with you and believe with you in your faith journey. Faith is persistent and patient (Hebrews 6:12) and as a Christian father you have access to the wisdom of God and of those who have gone before you. Stay connected and be encouraged.

1. Share any experiences of waiting years for a dream to come true. What helped you to persevere in your faith while you waited?
2. In what ways have you seen fathers impact the faith of others, either in your home or in the church?
3. What are some things (or people) that you are believing God for? Take some time to encourage each other in prayer.

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