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 If you are a Connect Leader, Team Leader or serving on Team this night is for you! These times together are significant, so we thank you for making every effort to join us for a night that will unify us as a team and set us up.

C3 Kids are providing kidscare for children 3 and over. Simply RSVP to c3kids@c3syd.church and let them know.

Thank you all for the important part you play at our Locations and for your heart to serve Christ. We are looking forward to seeing you and celebrating with you. Bring your Team and invite those in your circle who are interesting in serving on Team.


NORTH HUB - North Locations
C3 Oxford Falls

Tuesday 19th Feb 7PM-830pm


WEST HUB - West Locations
C3 Silverwater
Tuesday 19th Feb 7PM-830pm

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