DATES: Sunday 6th March 2022 to Sunday 27th March 2022

WHAT WE WANT FOR PEOPLE: To catch the revelation of identity and security that is found when we make Jesus our Lord. To help people move from an internal foundation built on fear to an internal state of confidence built on the Love and Lordship of Jesus.

BOOK/THEME:  Ephesians


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Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Know Your Identity In Christ - 6th March 

Ephesians 1:18-19

What we want for our people: To go through the declarations of who we are “In Him” found in Ephesians 1. To establish these as our identity “In Him” that we are holy, chosen, blameless, redeemed, forgiven. To swap what we currently establish our identity on and establish it on these strong, solid, unshakeable truths. Confirming what we have in Christ when we accept him as our Lord and Saviour: hope, glorious riches in Christ Jesus and incomparable great power (Eph 1:18-19).

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Week 2: Know Where You Stand - 12th March

Ephesians 2 

What we want for our people: Establish the identity in our people that we are seated with Him in heavenly places (2:6-7). Circumstances are below us in the spiritual realm. To see that perspective when we pray and walk out our life. We have this position because we are seated with Him. God seated Christ above all powers and authority (1:19-23), and we are seated with Christ by grace.  Our aim is to know that we have the position because we are saved by grace.  It is not what we do that saves us but what He did! Challenging and subverting the works nature that is in us all, to ensure we stand strong in the gift of salvation that we have in Jesus and sit above troubles and issues. We stand and pray from this position (Ephesians 6:10-20).

Week 3: Know Your Strength - 20th March

Ephesians 3

What we want for our people: The third identity marker we want our people to know is that they have strength and power to overcome any situation they face in life. Paul shows that the Church is to portray the manifold wisdom of God to the rulers and authorities (3:10) and Paul prays that the people would be strengthened in power by the Spirit (3:16), have the power to grasp how wide Christ's love for us is (3:18) and to know that he can do immeasurably more according to His power at work in us (3:20). The greater our knowledge of His might and power that we have in Him, the more confidence we have when situations come against us.

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Week 4: Know You Are In Community 

Ephesians 4 

What we want for our people: Paul finishes this letter declaring the value of community – make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit, one hope, one Lord etc. We want people from this campaign to feel empowered in their community to be all they can, with be diversity not conformity. Paul loves diversity but shows  in chapter 4 how to have diversity but oneness all at once. We want people to understand the strength of the community of believers.



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