Common questions about SRE

[Special Religious Education or Scripture Classes in public schools – both primary and high schools]


Q: Can anyone teach or help in Scripture Classes in Public Schools?

A: Yes, anyone who loves kids and is keen to share the love of God can teach SRE!


Q: Do I need to be a trained schoolteacher to join the SRE team?

A: Anyone can join!  Free training is provided by the Scripture in Schools Pastor.  You could be ready to teach a class after approximately 8 hours of training (at your own pace).  To assist in an SRE classroom, you can do wo after only 5 hours of training.


Q: Do you need more SRE Teachers and Assistants?

A: Always! Kids in public schools are super keen to have Scripture Classes as part of their weekly timetable!  Currently the SRE team goes weekly into 8 schools.


Q: If I want to join the SRE Team, how often would I teach a scripture class or assist an SRE teacher, and how much preparation time should I dedicate to the task?

A: Our SRE team goes to schools one morning or afternoon per week during school terms.  Some teach one 30-40 minute class weekly, others teach more classes.  In most of our schools, SRE starts 1st March and finishes 1stDecember 2021.  We suggest our team dedicates up to an hour per week to prepare for classes.


We’d love to welcome anyone who’s keen to join, so we can widen our reach in sharing the love of Jesus!  If you’re interested to teach a class, to assist an SRE teacher, or you’d just like to know more about SRE, please chat with us via

Here’s a look at some of the fun we have in our classes:

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