Chaplaincy is Australia’s mission of providing spiritual and pastoral support to people of all backgrounds. We deliver hope, encouragement and companionship. We are called to listen objectively and confidentially.

The C3 Chaplaincy team is a mix of ordained chaplains, accredited chaplaincy team members & experienced pastoral care workers. Our goal is to reach the Community with love and compassion, just as the good Samaritan did in Luke 10.

A few sectors our chaplain's support are in aged care, hospitals, prison ministry, sports communities, schools, the arts and business.

If you are keen to find out more - wonderful! You can serve on a regular basis or volunteer as opportunities arise. We do require you to do some basic training that can fit your circumstances. And if you are interested in pursuing further Chaplaincy qualifications please follow the links to learn more.

Please feel encouraged to contact us. We can answer all your questions.

You can also check out the Pastoral Care Elective at C3 College and the Chaplaincy Australia website.