In 2012 Chaplaincy was established at C3 Oxford Falls to narrow the gap between pastoring and pastoral care in the Community.

The aim of Chaplaincy is to care for people at their point of need buy communicating the love of Christ in a compassionate and practical way just as the Good Samaritan did in Luke 10. Chaplains are equipped with training and skills in pastoral care to support people facing deeply distressing & often traumatic situations. This enables them to better cope with periods of instability and help people transition into new life situations. The bushfire season 2019/20 and current Covid lockdowns has highlighted the significant need of Chaplains in the Church and Community.

Chaplains are men or women of all ages - prepared to support regardless of race or culture. They do not impose their own spiritual views; instead, allow people to explore and examine their own beliefs and meaning to life.

Unless a Chaplain is invited, they cannot share Jesus or the Gospel.

The vision of Cares Chaplaincy is to leave a spiritual footprint in every area of life within our community and the mission is to send trained, supervised, approved, anointed Chaplains out to build connection between Jesus and people by releasing the unconditional love of God through action, relationship, and attitude.

Sectors Chaplains are actively involved in are aged care, hospitals, correctional centres, sport communities, the Arts and business.

If you are keen to learn more or believe you have a ‘heart for Chaplaincy’ then click the link contact us.

Support and basic training are provided.

For more information about Chaplaincy in general see Chaplaincy Australia website