DATES: Sunday 23rd October to Sunday 13th November 2022 

WHAT WE WANT FOR PEOPLE:  To help people grasp a kingdom perspective and gospel orientation to current idols and ideologies of our day. 

BOOK/THEME: Current cultural norms 


The intent of this campaign really being aimed at guests, for people searching and questioning, wondering what the gospel and what Jesus is all about and how the Kingdom and the ways of Jesus differ to the world - by speaking into some hot topics – politics etc. – more of a what’s good about the good news kind of tone. This campaign will be great into the lead up to Christmas.

Series Outcome 

To help people understand some of the most pervasive idols of our current day and gain an understanding of how we are called to live free from these idols with a kingdom perspective – resulting in a complete gospel re-orientation through the pursuit of virtues (Christian habits) 

For this campaign we will have one idol (diagnosis) and one value (remedy) for each week. The key is that we don’t want people to go to the excess of these idols but see the value and power in the virtues/values that God gives us to overcome these idols. The idol of self is overcome with the value of humility, the idol of lust with love, the idol of pleasure or convenience is overcome with the value of self-control and greed is overcome with the value of generosity. 


Counterfeit Gods – Tim Keller 

We Become What We Worship: A Biblical Theology of Idolatry – GK Beale  

Virtue w/ Fr. Thomas Petri 

What are virtues? 

Vice/Virtue Continuum

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