I begin to feel the familiar sensation of burning in my chest. My stomach ached and I could feel the stomach acid creeping its way up my throat.


This was bad because 1) ow! and 2) the last time this happened I had to be hospitalised.


Three months earlier I had been checked into the emergency room after three stomach ulcers created holes in the lining of my stomach and caused me to lose 50% of the haemoglobin and iron from my blood.


I was given a ferritin infusion to restore my haemoglobin and iron count, and medication for the stomach ulcers and pain, but the doctors let me know that if the issue were to come back I would need to return to hospital for more tests and take daily medication for the rest of my life.


As the pain began to return, fear struck me. Obviously I couldn’t deny that the ulcers were on their way back – it felt like thousands of little arsonists were lighting fires in my belly. But I did not want to return to hospital! And I did not want to take daily medication just to maintain the situation!


But God is good, and He gave me the peace that only He can give.


I knew that this was not the new normal that He wanted for my life, and I needed to step into His grace and give my stomach ulcers over to Him at the Healing Service.


I waited expectantly for the Healing Service, and was surprised to find that on that day I wasn’t the only McKune at the service.  Seated at the back of the room were my mum and dad there to get healing for my mum’s busted ankle. My mum is a nurse and is on her feet for long periods of time during the day, and the gradual wear and tear was beginning to cause her a large deal of pain. God did not want this to be her new normal!


So the McKunes lined up to get healing. Kate Forsyth prayed for my stomach, and as she prayed she let me know that God was pulling a white curtain across my stomach and that He was declaring my stomach issues were over. It was done. It was finished.


Richard Forsyth prayed for my mum, and put God’s healing into immediate practice as my mum walked back and forth across the room.


I left the Healing Service so pleased and assured that this was now over. “Ow my tummy” was not going to become my lame catchphrase! But as I got into bed that night, the pain in my stomach returned and the stomach acid hung in my throat.


“Did I somehow not accept God’s healing properly? Is that somehow possible?”

But then I remembered what God had said – that my stomach issues were done and that it was finished. I knew that “God is not a man, that he should lie” (Numbers 23:19 KJV).


I began standing on the Word of God, and proclaiming over myself: “by His wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5 NIV), “God is within her, she will not fall” (Psalm 46:5 NIV) and thanking Him for my healing. The pain began to dissipate and over the next few days it was gone completely. I continued to stand on God’s word and claim His healing, and I have not had to return to the doctors and do not need to take any medication for my stomach. My mum has also been proclaiming the Word, and had the recent pleasure of visiting the UK where she went on a three hour hike (pain free!) with my Dad and her friends.


God is good.



Laura McKune has recently moved to New York City where she is part of the C3 Brooklyn team. She was part of the ever increasing redhead population working at C3 Oxford Falls, where she got to come and work in His House every day. She has a degree in arts and media, and believes that all movies and television shows would only be improved by the inclusion of Muppets! 


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