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Ghost Stories | Living With The Holy Spirit

By C3 Church / April 12, 2021

As we move from Easter towards Pentecost, we don’t want to give people information about God, but the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. Jesus rose from the dead; our God is living. When Jesus left earth, He sent us the Holy Spirit to live within us. Just as Jesus said “streams of living…

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This changes everything | His exchange changes everything

By C3 Church / March 29, 2021

At Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming to earth but at Easter we remember what He came to earth for: to set us free. Why do we need Easter? Because of sin. In archery, sin means “to miss the mark”. In life, we know that there is a mark (there’s right and then there’s wrong) and…

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This changes everything | His righteousness changes everything

By C3 Church / March 15, 2021

Some people have been Christians for a few months and some for decades, but the key to keeping your faith going is the cross. Every year at Easter we consider the cross of Jesus, taking our eyes of ourselves and looking to what God did for us, enabling us to relate to a holy God…

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I Have Decided | Disciples of Jesus, Make disciples of Jesus

By C3 Church / March 1, 2021

Who is a disciple? A disciple is one who learns from a teacher, an apprentice. That teacher can be Jesus himself, or other people. God is actively working in our lives, but we also have some responsibility in how we allow God to work in our lives and the responsibility to submit to other godly…

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I Have Decided | It Takes Availability

By C3 Church / February 14, 2021

As a church, we are starting the year with a focus on making disciples: being people who have decided to follow Jesus. Sometimes during the week we can float back towards doing things our own way. We need to remind ourselves that we have decided to follow God’s perfect and pleasing ways. One of the…

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Letters to the Church! Primary Week 2

By C3 Church / January 31, 2021

Join us for our brand new program ‘Letters to the Church.’ Heroes of the Faith! When Jesus saved us, He brought in a new way of following God mapped out in the New Testament letters to the church! In this program, we are unpacking some of the key principals found in these letters so we can put them into practice in our lives. This week we are learning from the book of Timothy (again!)

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Step by Step! Preschool Week 2

By C3 Church / January 31, 2021

Welcome to our brand new program for preschoolers ‘Step by Step!’ which is all about loving Jesus, making friends and being kind! In this episode Jackie, Emma and Marlow learn that God knows us and He loves us. We can choose to love God, too!

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Common Questions About SRE

By C3 Church / January 19, 2021

  Q: Can anyone teach or help in Scripture Classes in Public Schools? A: Yes, anyone who loves kids and is keen to share the love of God can teach SRE!   Q: Do I need to be a trained schoolteacher to join the SRE team? A: Anyone can join!  Free training is provided by…

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Jesus said “Go into all the world” – Kids say “Come to our school!”

By C3 Church / July 8, 2020

Jesus said “Go into all the world” – Kids say “Come to our school!”  The C3 SYD Scripture Team is super excited to be going back into school classrooms from the beginning of Term 3.  We’d love for you to join us, whether that be as a classroom helper, a person who commits to pray…

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On Top of My World: My Body Balance

By C3 Church / October 14, 2019

On Top of my World: My Body Balance   “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb – I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:13 (NIV)   GOD MADE YOUR BODY We all must walk a journey of accepting our bodies and not comparing it to others. We…

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