The following blog post by C3 Church Senior Minister, Chris Pringle, is inspired by C3 Music’s latest album, Pilgrims



 Who would true valor see

 Let Him come hither

One here will constant be

Come wind come weather


These immortal lyrics from the classic hymn, ‘To be a Pilgrim’, would have to be my personal battle cry!

As a Kiwi-raised and Scottish-blooded lass, the strains of this hymn rouse my inner resolve to press on, ‘come wind, come weather’.

As a worshiper of old… every hymn that urges my soul onward and upward will forever be my anthem song!


This theme is once again echoed in Psalm 84:5 where the writer declares:

‘ …Blessed are those whose strength is in you

Whose heart is set on pilgrimage…’


I love this!


Pilgrimage is more about a sober and determined decision than an emotional response.

When we combine a resolute heart with the spirit of faith… we have a true pilgrim.


One who is set towards a sacred quest. On this path we choose to have a heart filled with praise, and worship centred on Christ. When this is our heart’s focus and delight – WOW, we will be lifting our voices in rousing song!


I love the lyrics from the original hymn that inspired ‘What Other King’:

‘Clear before us through the darkness

Gleams and burns the guiding light

Trusting God we march together

Stepping fearless through the night’


I confess, there have been many a season where I have NOT stepped fearless through the night!

But it is in these moments that I have discovered that Jesus is familiar with both fear and darkness, and He is resolute to steer us through. His words echo in our hearts, from Paul to his spiritual son Timothy:

‘For God has not given to you the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind’.

Paul was reminding Timothy to equip his fearfulness with the spirit of faith! To stir up this gift.

As we decide to be a worshipper and enter into His presence with thanksgiving … oh yeah! From deep within us will rise strength and inner fortitude to ‘set our hearts on pilgrimage’.


I am a pilgrim. Until my last breath, I will be found praising Jesus through every valley and over the mountaintops!


Let’s each go from strength to strength, determined to be the joyful pilgrims on the earth, filling our mouths with laughter and our tongues with singing!


Let’s do this together fellow pilgrims.


Big hugs,

Chris Pringle

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