C3 College started with 13 students, now over 30 years later, the College has graduated over 6,000 students who are now spread far and wide around the globe. It started small but look what it has become.

Why Build Buildings?

Church buildings are an altar to God and there is something special about having a permanent home. They also help build commitment and character in a congregation that endures for eternity. Three reasons we build locations and campuses:


People get to KNOW JESUS (Ps 27:4)

We’re not just building physical structures, we’re building people who come to know Jesus.


People FIND COMMUNITY (Hebrews 10:23-25)

God is a communal God in His triune nature. In being made in His image we too are created to be communal. We can only realise our true natures in community. Church buildings and college campuses facilitate the coming together of people, to worship God and to walk together in building the church and each other.


People DISCOVER PURPOSE (1 Corinthians 12: 27)

In journeying together as a church we can discover our calling and purpose. Next Step is a great way to discover our gifting and our purpose, plus find a group of like-minded people who we can journey together with.

In this Vision Builder’s season, pray first about what you will contribute and for wisdom and discernment for the Vision Builders team to make the best decisions on how to ‘build’ the church and beyond.

Together, we can Build the church and go Above & Beyond in achieving a breakthrough in our own lives.


Something to talk about:

  1. Share with each other how you pray. Do you use a pattern, for example, A.C.T.S?
  2. Encourage one another by sharing about your “calling”. If there’s some uncertainty, encourage people to participate in Next Step.
  3. The church has a wide-reaching vision. What aspect of the Church’s vision are you personally drawn to participate in?
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